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Downloading Development Versions of FIAT LUX

This page provides instructions for downloading and installing Development versions of the FIAT LUX - Catholic Knowledge and FIAT LUX - History Knowledge *.apk files onto a Android tablet or smartphone. These programs should be used only by those who are working with Heritage History to help develop and test test pre-release versions of FIAT LUX.

Links to resource pages for Catholic Knowledgeand History Knowledge
that are currently under development can be accessed by Beta Testers at these links:

Catholic Knowledge Study Aids

History Knowledge Study Aids

British Empire Book List

Restrictions on 'Sideloading' FIAT LUX

The process of installing an Application on yuur device without going through a recognized App Store is called "sideloading". Most Android devices allow sideloading, but Apple requires all apps to be installed through their App Store, so the following instructions will only work on an Android.

Most, but not all Android devices allow sideloading. Those that don't often run a proprietry version of Android intended to be "safe" for younger children. Also, if your Android tablet or smart phone is more than 3 years old or has severe memory limitations FIAT LUX may not run properly.

How to Install FIAT LUX on your Android Device

When you download the FIAT LUX app from an App Store it is automatically installed on your device. When you "sideload" it from the Heritage History website, there is a three step process.

  1. Download a Fiat Lux ".APK" file to your device.
  2. Change a setting on your device to allow the application to be installed. (Enable installation of unknown sources)
  3. Find the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to complete installation.

Step 1: Download the FIAT LUX *.APK file

Click to download Fiatlux Catholic application Click to download Fiatlux History application

Click on one of the icons above to transfer a FIAT LUX apk file to the 'Download' directory of your device.
The FIAT LUX—CATHOLIC icon is orange and the FIAT LUX—HISTORY icon is blue.

Step 2: Enable "Unknown Sources" download

Go to your device Security settings.
Security screen showing Unknown sources enabled.
Click on "Unknown sources" to enable the ability to install an app without going through an app store.

Step 3: Find the downloaded file on your device and tap on it

Once the download is completed your device should notify you that it has finished.
Click on the message to install the application.
Your device screen after the download is finished.
If the installation was sucessful you will see the opening screen for Fiatlux.

Another way to locate your *.apk file is to use your "Files" app to locate the "Download" directory.
The file name fore the Catholic App is FiatLux.Android.apk.
The file name for the History app is FiatHistory.Android.apk.

FIAT LUX Now Available on Google Play Store

A early release version of FIAT LUX - CATHOLIC is currently available in the Google Play Store. The early release version is very stable and can be downloaded onto any device running an ANDROID operating system from HERE.

Note: The development version of FIAT LUX Catholic downloaded from this page has a different App ID than the Google Play Store version. Loading one version will not overwrite the other and they will appear as two identical apps on your device. Since they are distinct apps, identities created and medals won cannot be shared or transfered between versions.

At this time FIAT LUX - HISTORY KNOWLEDGE is not available from the Play Store and must be downloaded from this page.