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Characters, and Events of Moses and Judges

Moses, Aaron, MiriamBirth of Moses, Rescue by Pharaoh's daughter, Murder of the Egyptian
Moses, Jethro, GershomMoses Flees to Midian, Marries daughter of Jethro, Son Gershom
Moses, Aaron Burning Bush, Commission to Israelites, Ten Commandments, Plagues of Egypt
 ~1415. The Exodus, Crossing Red Sea, Defeat of Amelek
Moses, AaronTen Commandments, Golden Calf, Ark of the Covenant, Pillar of Fire, Wilderness of Paran
Caleb and SpiesSpies to Canaan, Murmuring of the People, Fighting Amorites, Canaanites
Miriam, EleazarDeath of Miriam and Aaron, Settle on Mount Hor, Eleazor becomes priest
 Wandering continues, Murmuring of the People, Plague sent, Moses makes Brass serpent
Balaam, Og, BalackFight with Amorites, Moabites plot with Balaam, Prophesy of destruction, Death of Moses
Joshua, Rahab~1360. Invasion of Canaan, Rahab helps Israelite Spies, Destruction of Jericho and Ai
  Israelites defeat Amorites, Messengers from Gibeon trick Israelites into an alliance
Sisera, Barak, DeborahCanaanite General Sisera killed by Barak and Deborah
Gideon, MidianitesAngel appears to Gideon, Gideon defeats Midianites with 300 men, Peace for forty years
Jotham, AbimelechAbimelech, kills brothers, makes self king. Avenged by surviving brother Jotham
Samson, DelilahSamson kills Philistines with jawbone of ass. Delilah betrays secret of Samson's strength
Ruth, Naomi, BoazWidowed Ruth follows mother-in-law Naomi to Israel, Marries Boaz. Ancestors of King David