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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Catholic Knowledge run on my iphone? (Kindle, PC, laptop, Samsung, etc.)

Catholic Knowledge has been developed to run on almost all platforms, including Apple iphones and tablets, Android based devices, and Microsoft PCs and laptops. It has now been released to all three platforms. To install Catholic Knowledge you must go to the appropriate App store on your device, and search for "Catholic Knowledge". The following links are provide information about Catholic Knowledge on different platforms, but the you must open the 'App Store' icon on your actual device in order to install the program.

We have not yet released the program on MacOS, so it does not currently work on MacBooks or iMacs, but will in the next few months. We cannot guarantee it will work on all older platforms, since it was developed for recent versions of the Android and iOS operating systems, but it has been tested extensively on dozens of different devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

What ages/grades is Catholic Knowledge appropriate for?

Catholic Knowledge was designed for older students and adults, but it has many "novice" level questions that may be accessible to younger students. We focused on older students because 1) historical and cultural topics require a certain pre-existing breadth of knowledge, 2) there are already many good religious education program for younger students, and 3) computer based programs or more fitting for mature students.

The program is intended to engage relatively uncatechized students as well as those who have already had years of religious instruction so it includes both beginner and advanced questions. But in some categories, such as history and culture, include more advanced questions may be beyond the comprehension of younger students.

That said, some of our Middle School students have done extremely well in all categories. The multiple choice format lends itself to fairly easy memorization of most facts, and much depends on student motivation.

Who developed Catholic Knowledge?

Catholic Knowledge was developed by a homeschool family with an expansive interest in history, Christian culture, and programming. Before creating 'Catholic Knowledge' we spent many years digitizing children's histories, maintaining a curriculum-based website, teaching at homeschool co-ops, and drilling our own students in all manner of Catholic truths and trivia.

We developed the first prototype of Catholic Knowledge over ten years ago with the idea of "gamifying" some of the diverse information we had gathered about Christian history, doctrine, and traditions. Starting with a few dozen reference texts and a database of over 1000 questions, we were able to create a Catholic Quiz game suitable for our own students without too much trouble.

Over time we added hundreds of additional questions and study aids, but unfortunately, developing an app that would run on multiple platforms and was solid enough for the general public was an enormous undertaking, much more ambitious than our original effort. It has taken several years of continuous effort to get to the point that we believe Catholic Knowledge is ready for public release and we will probably never feel that it is "finished". But perhaps that nagging sense of never being good enough is one of the hallmarks of an authentic Christian education.

When will the Worship and Tradition unit be released?

We hope to have the Worship and Tradition unit completed by June of 2019. Anyone who downloads the existing app will automatically receive an update that includes Worship and Tradition once it is released.

Can I transfer Catholic Knowledge Medals from one device to another?

At this time it is not possible to transfer scores or medals from one device to another. Player scores are stored permanently on the device on which Catholic Knowledge was installed.

What is Catholic Knowledge's privacy policy?

We collect no personal information from users, and we encourage players to use an alias rather than any identifying information when posting on our leaderboard. We allow users to post their scores on a public board but do not facilitate any communication or sharing of information. We have a privacy policy because it is required by law, but since we collect no information and have no time, resources, or intention of sharing information we don't have, we would say that our privacy policy statement is somewhat overkill.

It there a Teachers' Guide for using Catholic Knowledge within a classroom setting?

The Catholic Knowledge Quiz game can be used to supplement high school level courses on morality, apologetics, history, or scripture, or it can be used as the basis of a survey course that combines all topics. The Catholic Knowledge quiz game was actually developed in conjuction with a four semester "Catholic Civilization" course that cycled through all forty subtopics over a two year period. The program can also be used informally for in class quiz games on a variety of topics.

These are just a few ways Catholic Knowledge can be used in a classroom or group setting. The program was designed with the needs of homeschoolers and religion instructors in mind, and there are many ways Catholic Knowledge can be used in a classroom setting. So many ways, in fact, that we tried to put all of information that may be useful on a Resources for Instructors page.

Is the Catholic Civ class associated with Catholic Knowledge available as a online course?

The Catholic Civ course we taught took the highly unusual approach of teaching selected units on history, culture, doctrine, worship, and scriptures during the same semester. Our students really enjoyed this approach, but it is not what most people are looking for in a religion class. Most conventional religion classes focus only on a single, primary topic.

Perhaps in the future we can offer the Catholic Civilization class as an online course, but it is not currently available. But we are happy to work with any instructor who would like to teach a similar course though and share some of our ideas and resources. A syllabus for the Catholic Civ course is   here, and we can be contacted at troth@heritage-history.com.

Is there a Catholic Knowledge Bee where students compete in person?

The only program we are aware of that is similar to a Catholic Knowledge Bee is the Roman Catholic Challenge competition, held annually in Oregon. We have incorporated many of their questions into our program. We believe such a program would be very good for Catholic youth groups, since competition helps motivate many students to expand their knowledge of the faith. If you are aware of any other Catholic Knowledge Bees, let us know, and we will post this information.

What does 'Fiat Lux' mean, and what does it have to do with Catholic Knowledge?

Fiat Lux means 'Let there Be light!' It is the first phrase spoken by God at the beginning of Genesis. The program currently known as Catholic Knowledge was originally named 'Fiat Lux', so all of the students who have been working with us for the last two years know it as Fiat Lux. We changed the name to 'Catholic Knowledge' when we released the program to the Android play store. To complicate things further, Fiat Lux had both history and Catholic related programs, so it made sense to split it into two separate Apps, now known as 'Catholic Knowledge' and 'History Knowledge'. The History Knowledge App is still in development and has not yet been released to the public.

We may or may not drop the 'Fiat Lux' title in the future. At this time we are de-emphasizing it.