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Introducing the Catholic Knowledge Game

Heritage History's Catholic Knowledge App is now available on most tablets, smart phones, and laptops. It can be installed on Android tablets and phones at the Google Play Store, on iPads and iPhones at the Apple App Store, and on Windows PCs at the Microsoft Store. This site provides additional information, printable Study Aids, and Resources for Instructors.

Catholic Knowledge is more than just a quiz game. It was designed to teach interesting facts about the doctrines, traditions, history, and cultural achievements of the Catholic Church, as well as to test players' existing knowledge. The program includes hundreds of study aids so students who are not already familiar with a particular subject will have easy access to reference material.

Quiz Game Categories

Catholic Knowledge includes thousands of questions and was designed to hold the interest of both novice and advanced players. Its question bank is organized into five program categories, then subdivided into forty distinct subjects. This division allows players to focus on topics of special interest.

This unique arrangement of questions makes the Catholic Knowledge Game more suitable for directed study than most other quiz programs since it can be used to gain mastery in specific subjects. The game was designed for high school study groups but it can also be used for independent study or instructive entertainment. Anyone who wants an enjoyable way to educate themselves about the enormous influence of the Church on Western Civilization will find the Catholic Knowledge Game a valuable resource.

Two Ways to Learn as You Play

The Catholic Knowledge Game can be used as a quiz program in two ways. In either mode, the user is presented with twelve questions from a particular question bank. In   Catholic Quest mode students answer questions from a whole program category (600+ questions) and win points based on speed and difficulty. Catholic Quest players start as 'Postulants' with easy questions and proceed through five levels of difficulty.

Users who would like to focus on a specific topic with a more restricted question bank (80+ questions) can answer questions related to one subcategory at a time and earn up to twelve Knowledge Medals proving mastery in a specific field.

Players can earn up to twelve medals in each category for answering questions correctly and medal points are based on the number and type of medals won.

Leaderboards and Progress Reports

Players who enjoy competition can post their Knowledge Medals and Catholic Quest scores to public Leaderboards. They can compete against all Catholic Knowledge users or define a unique group name and compete against members of their school or study group. Students who are working with an instructor can also use the Progress Report feature to send scores to their group leader.

Catholic Knowledge Categories

The Catholic Knowledge Question Bank is composed of over 3600 questions divided among five categories. Each division includes questions ranging in difficulty from novice to advanced but some categories are inherently more challenging than others.

In general, Truths of the Faith and Holy Scriptures are relatively easy, and those program dedicated to history, culture, and liturgy are more challenging. Click on title links for more detailed information.

The Truths of the Faith program covers four essential areas of Catholic teaching: Fundamental Doctrine, the Sacraments, Moral Teaching, and Apologetics. Subjects are covered at a High School level and include some advanced concepts.
The Holy Scriptures program includes both Old and New Testament histories, with units covering Genesis, Moses, the Kingdom of Israel, the Life of Jesus and Acts of the Apostles.
The Saints and Heroes program covers Church History from the Apostolic Age to the 18th century with an emphasis on Saints and Christian heroes. Some prior knowledge of European history is recommended.
The Catholic Culture program investigates the influence of the Church on cultural aspects of Western Civilization. Topics include Architecture, Art, Music, Science, Education, Law, and Literature. Some knowledge of Medieval history is helpful.
The Worship and Tradition program covers topics related liturgy and worship, prayer, spirituality, signs and symbols, Marian devotions, and the clergy. The Ordinary Roman mass is covered in detail, but alternative rites such as the Extraordinary From and Byzantine Catholic are also featured.

More Information about Catholic Knowledge

Catholic Knowledge was developed by a homeschooling family, so it was created with the needs of parents and instructors in mind. Assigning students to earn Knowledge Medals is a good way to keep them focused and track progress, and printable resources can be found on the Study Aids page for most units.

Additional information for parents or instructors can be found on our Resources for Instructors and FAQs pages. We have also created a Trouble Shooting page to discuss problems, bugs, and questionable questions. If you have further comments or inquiries, we can be reached at troth@heritage-history.com.