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This website was developed as a prototype for the FIAT LUX — CATHOLIC app. Since the app is now released, the website is being converted to a support page. Click on links below to access both HTML and printable versions of study aids for specific topics.

Unit Topics Covered
1: Creation and Fall Attributes of God, Creation, Angels and Demons, Ends of Man, Fall of Man, Last Things, etc.
2: Grace and Redemption Immaculate Conception, Incarnation, Trinity, Grace, Sanctification, Redemption, Creed, etc.
3: Sacraments of Initiation Sacraments in General, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, etc.
4: Other Sacraments Penance, Indulgences, Extreme Unction, Matrimony, Holy Orders , etc.
5: Moral Teaching - General Law, Conscience, Freewill, Moral Good, Moral Evil, Virtues, Perfections, etc.
6: Moral Teaching - Special Commandments, Cardinal Sins, Types of Sin, Duties to God, Self, and Neighbors, etc.
7: Introduction to Apologetics Logic, Apologetics, Proofs of God, Ends of Man, Revelation, Sources of Knowledge, etc.
8: Apologetics and Worldview Claims of Christ, Claims, Marks of the Church, Primacy of Rome, Alternate worldviews, etc.
Unit Topics Covered
1: Genesis Creation, Fall of Adam, Abel and Cain, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israelites in Egypt, etc.
2: Moses to Judges Moses, Exodus, Ten Commandments, Canaan, Joshua, Judges, Gideon, Samson, Ruth, etc.
3: Kings of Israel Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, Divided Kingdom, Northern Kingdom, Fall of Israel, Tobit, etc.
4: Restoration of Judah Southern Kingdom, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Judith, Esther, Maccabees, etc.
5: Ministry of Christ Incarnation, Youth, Early Ministry, Apostles, Miracles, Parables, etc.
6: Passion of Christ Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Arrest, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection, etc.
7: Acts of Apostles Ascension, Pentecost, Miracles of Apostles, Gentile Converts, Missionary Journeys, etc.
8: Biblical Wisdom Books, Authors, Facts, Quotes and Sayings, Epistles, Proverbs, Psalms, Wisdom, etc.
Unit Topics Covered
1: Apostolic Age Apostles, Biblical Saints, Apostolic Fathers, Missionary Journeys (to 100 AD), etc.
2: Persecution and Triumph Persecution, Virgins, Martyrs, Early Heresies, Apologists, Christian Emperors (100-350), etc.
3: Late Roman Period Church Fathers, Heresies, Fall of the West, Eastern Church, Goths, Franks (350-600), etc.
4: Early Middle Ages Charlemagne, Franks, HRE, Normans, Saxons, Slavs, Magyars (600-1000), etc.
5: High Middle Ages Papacy and Empire, Investiture, Mendicants, Albigensians, Holy Women (1000-1350), etc.
6: Moslems and Crusaders Islam conquests, Schism, Crusades, Reconquista, Military Orders, Ottoman Turks, etc.
7: Renaissance and Revolt Avignon, Schism, Renaissance, Inquisition, Luther, Calvin, Henry VII (1350-1550), etc.
8: Catholic Reformation Catholic Reformers, Jesuits, Council of Trent, Carmelites, British Martyrs (1500-1650), etc.
9: World Missions Spanish Missions in Latin America, Jesuits in Chin, French Missions in Canada, etc.
Unit Topics Covered
1: Architecture Architectural Terms, Structures, Styles, Basilicas, Cathedrals, Churches, Abbeys, etc.
2: Art Catholic Artists, Sculptors, Masterpieces, Art Terms, Techniques, Saints, etc.
3: Music Chant, Polyphony, Hymns, Liturgical Music, Composers, Instruments, Musical Terms, etc.
4: Literary Arts Spiritual Classics, Poetry, Literature, Philosophy, Christian Authors, Historians, Writers, etc.
5: Monasteries Desert Fathers, Celtic Monks, Benedictines, Monasteries, Cluniacs, Cistercians, etc.
6: Science Scientific Method, Astronomy, Christian Scientists, Scientific Revolution, Faith and Reason, etc.
7: Education Christian Education, Guilds, Universities, Librari, Catechism, Scholasticism, Patron Saints, etc.
8: Law and Economics Canon Law, Civil Law, Natural Law, Catholic Action, Social Teaching, etc.
Unit Topics Covered
1: Signs and Symbols Symbols, Crosses, Colors, Christograms, Sacred objects, Vestments, etc.
2: Prelates and Clergy Papacy and Magisterium, Priests, Bishops, Religious Orders, Seminaries, etc.
3: Prayer and Spirituality Prayer, Devotions, Divine Office, , Mysticism and Spirituality, Sacramentals, etc.
4: Marian Devotions Mariology, Marion Devotions, Apparitions, Shrines, Prayers and Hymns, etc.
5: The Roman Mass Order of Mass, Mass Prayers, Types of Mass, Sacred Vessels, History of Roman Mass, etc.
6: Liturgical Rites Parent Rites, Eastern Rites, Liturgy of Hours , Anaphoras, Sacramentals, Liturgical Books, etc.
7: Liturgical Calendar Liturgical seasons, Christmas, Easter, , Pentecost, Feasts, Calendar Saints, etc.
8: Liturgical Languages Greek, Latin, Hebrew terms and phrases, Latin titles, Liturgical terms, etc.