Introduction to Apologetics — Study Aids

Truths of the Faith Unit #7 — Introduction to Apologetics
covers the fundamentals of logic and reason, the science of Apologetics, noteable Christian apologists, proofs of God, the immortal soul, revelation, and sources of knowledge regarding Christ and his Church.

Information Pages

These pages summarize much of the material needed to study for Catholic Introduction to Apologetics review questions. Most are based on the first half (pp. 1-70), of Catholic Apologetics: God, Christianity, and the Church by John Laux.

Definition and Purpose of Apologetics (Laux)
The Existence of God (Laux)
Man and His Place in the Universe (Laux)
Revelation and Signs of Revelation (Laux)
Sources of Our Knowledge of Christ (Laux)
Famous Christian Apologists

Printable Homework Questions

Recommended Reading

The primary book used as a reference for the Introduction to Apologetics unit is Catholic Apologetics: God, Christianity, and the Church by Fr. John Laux (1932). Reading assignments are given below.


Catholic Apologetics     by Rev. Fr. John Laux
In this compact book, Fr John Laux gives both the student and the adult reader dozens of excellent, well reasoned answers to the classic objections against the Catholic Faith. He covers all the fundamental truths of the Faith, providing both facts and sound logical reasoning for every question he considers.

Reading Assignment:     Introduction, Section I, Section II 1 and 2, pp. xi-xiv; pp 1-70 Introduction (1) Nature and Value of Apologetics; Sect I (1) Existence of God, (2) Man and His Place in the Universe; Sect II (1) Revelation, (2) Sources of Our Knowledge of Christ;

Online Videos of Interest

One video from Thomas Wood's Catholic Church - Builder of Civilization series that pertains to Apologetics is 'Does God Exist'. This video discusses the medieaval Scholastics and Christian philosophers and Theologians in particular. As an example of logical reasoning, Woods examines St. Anselm's Ontological proof of God, and St. Thomas Aquinas's five proofs of the existence of God.

The Youtube site Lutheran Satire is a good source of humorous videos, and a good number of them address short theological questions, or particular heresies. A few of the videos that are relevant for Christain apologetics are listed here, but there are more.

For more Apologetics resources visit the Truths of the Faith Study Aids page at the Catholic Knowledge Website.