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Apologetics and Worldview — Study Aids

Truths of the Faith #8
Apologetics and Worldview
covers Truth claims of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, Primacy and Infallibility of the Pope, the Mission and Prerogatives of the Church, Christian Heresies, and World Religions.

Information Pages

These pages summarize the material needed to study for the Apologetics and Worldview review questions. Most are based on the second half (pp. 71-130), of Catholic Apologetics: God, Christianity, and the Church by John Laux or the Baltimore Catechism.

Claims of Jesus and their Justification
Founding and Constitution of Christ's Church
Primacy of St. Peter and Papacy
Catholic Church and Salvation
Marks and Attributes of the Church
Non-Christian Religions and Worldviews

Printable Homework Questions

Recommended Reading

The primary book used as a reference for the Apologetics and Worldview unit is Catholic Apologetics: God, Christianity, and the Church by Fr. John Laux (1932). Several chapters from the Baltimore Catechism and the Compendium of Church History are also useful. Reading assignments are given below.


Catholic Apologetics by Rev. Fr. John Laux
In this compact book, Fr John Laux gives both the student and the adult reader dozens of excellent, well apologeticsed answers to the classic objections against the Catholic Faith. He covers all the fundamental truths of the Faith, providing both facts and sound logical apologeticsing for every question he considers.

Reading Assignment: Section II, Parts 1 and 2, Section III, Parts 1 to 6; pp 71-130 Sect II (3)Claims of Jesus, (4) Jesus Justifies his Claims; Sect II (1-2) Founding and Constitution of the Church, (3-4) Primacy of the Roman Pontiff, (5) Infallibility of the Church, (6) The Church is Necessary for Salvation;

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Baltimore Catechism - Volume 4  by T. Kinkead
The Baltimore Catechism is an official national catechism for children in the United States and Volume 4 is suitable for high schoolers and those who have received their confirmation. It reviews material from volumes 2 and 3 but includes additional questions, definitions, examples, and applications.

Reading Assignment: Chapters 13-14, 30-36
(13) On the Church, (14) On the Attributes and Marks of the Church