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Restoration of Judah—Study Aids

Holy Scriptures #4
Restoration of Judah
covers Old Testament history after the fall of Israel, including the Babylon Captivity and Restoration, and stories from Judith, Daniel, Esther, and Macabbees.

Information Pages

These pages summarize much of the material needed to study for the Restoration of Judah review questions and are derived from Public domain sources.

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Southern Kingdom of Judah
Babylonian Captivity
Esther and Judith
Tobias and Raphael
Characters and Timeline

Printable Homework Questions

Recommended Reading

The Old Testament Books covered in the Restoration of Judah unit include Kings 2, Chronicals 1 and 2, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Judith, and Maccabees. For a primary scriptural reference, we recommend either either the Douay Reims or the Revised Standard Version. Both can be found online:

  • The Bible Gateway is a well-known and very usable search engine for Bible passages and includes complete version of over 20 Bibles (Catholic and Protestant).
  • This version of the Douay Reims Bible contains good search algorithms and includes a summary of each chapter, making browsing easier.

A high quality Children's Bible is also very helpful for the Restoration of Judah unit. Many of the study questions in the Old Testament units are based on familiar Bible stories. The following simplified Bible Histories are available in electronic form online or as an ebook.

CLICK ON COVER IMAGE to download EPUB to your tablet or smart phone.
CLICK ON TITLE to read online (internet required).

Story of the Chosen People  by Helene Guerber
Guerber's history of the Jewish people tells many familiar stories from the Old Testament. She recounts the stories of Genesis and Moses in detail, then moves quickly through the histories of Israel and Judea and uses independent historical sources to describe events of the Babylonian captivity and exile of the Jews. Her story passes over the life of Christ but ends with the conquest of Judea by the Romans and the destruction of the Temple.

Reading Assignment: Chapters 56-70, Joash, King of Judah to Destruction of Jerusalem

Children's Bible - Old Testament   by Sherman and Kent
This Children's Bible was a favorite in many American homes for decades. The authors were renowned scholars of Biblical literature, and every section is rendered with great care to preserve accuracy while retelling the most important stories in common language. This first volume contains famous stories of the Old Testament all told in fascinating detail. Short chapters make it friendly for young readers. Perfect for daily reading, family reading, or reference.

Reading Assignment: Chapters 36-48, Joash on the Throne to Proverbs

Online Videos of Interest

There are many well done videos having to do with the scriptures. The links provided below are from two series that are student favorites. Read Scriptures is an exceptionally well illustrated series that discusses each book of the Bible. It provides a historical setting and outline of the major divisions and then interprets the essential points. The narration is very good and the illustrations are outstanding.

The Good and Evil Series is a one of many good video renditions of Bible stories. It is done in comic book style and is somewhat campy, but very engaging and popular with students. Videos related to the Restoration of Judah unit, include the following: