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Passion of Christ—Study Aids

Holy Scriptures #6
Passion of Christ
covers the final days of Our Lord, including His entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Final Discourse, Arrest and Trial, Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

Information Pages

These pages summarize much of the material needed to study for the Passion of Christ review questions and are derived from Public domain sources.

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Enry into Jerusalem
Last Supper and Eucharist
Arrest and Trial
Passion and Crucifixion

Printable Homework Questions

Recommended Reading

Many review questions for the Passion of Christ unit require familiarity with the Gospels. Students should be especially familiar with the Gospels of Matthew [Chapters 21-28] and John [Chapters 12-21], and should browse Luke and Mark as well. For a primary scriptural reference, we recommend either either the Douay Reims or the Revised Standard Version. Both can be found online:

  • The Bible Gateway is a well-known and very usable search engine for Bible passages and includes complete version of over 20 Bibles (Catholic and Protestant).
  • This version of the Douay Reims Bible contains good search algorithms and includes a summary of each chapter, making browsing easier.

A Children's Bible can sometimes help provide a quick review of the Gospels, but may not be sufficient for advanced level questions. The Bible histories listed below are in the public domain.

CLICK ON COVER IMAGE to download EPUB to your tablet or smart phone.
CLICK ON TITLE to read online (internet required).

Children's Bible — New Testament  by Sherman and Kent
The authors were renowned scholars of biblical literature and every section is rendered with care to preserve Biblical accuracy while retelling the most important stories in common language. This second volume of the Children's Bible covers the New Testament, from the Birth of Christ, to the Acts of the Apostles, ending with Stories from the Epistles of Paul, James, and John.

Reading Recommendation: Chapters 17-25
(17) The Wiccked Zaccheus to (25) Jesus's Last Command

Online Videos of Interest

There are many well done videos having to do with the scriptures. The links provided below are from two series that are student favorites. Read Scriptures is an exceptionally well illustrated series that discusses each book of the Bible. It provides a historical setting and outline of the major divisions and then interprets the essential points. The narration is very good and the illustrations are outstanding.

The Good and Evil Series is a one of many good video renditions of Bible stories. It is done in comic book style and is somewhat campy, but very engaging and popular with students. Videos related to the Passion of Christ unit, include the following: