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Apostolic Age—Study Aids

Saints and Heroes #1
Apostolic Age
covers the first century of Christendom including Biblical Saints, Acts of the Apostles, Apostolic Fathers, Missionary Journeys, Evangelists, and the Fall of Jerusalem.
[Ascension to 150 A.D.]

Information Pages

These pages summarize the material needed to study for the Apostolic Age review questions. Most are derived from Leading Events in Church History, saint dictionaries, and other public domain sources.

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Apostles Facts and Symbols
Biblical Saints and Characters
Early Popes, Patriachs, and Evangelists
Summary of 'Acts of the Apostles'
Fall of Jerusalem
Spread of the Faith

Printable Homework Questions

Recommended Reading

The following histories from Seton and TAN books are popular with Catholic students but other Church histories cover most essentials topics. Reading assignments that correspond to the Apostolic Age are given below.


Church History by Fr. John Laux (TAN books)
This church history is written for a college prep high school audience and assumes a basic knowledge of European history. Starting at the dawn of the Roman Empire and proceeding in to the 20th century, Fr. Laux presents the story of the Church is a masterful and readable manner appealing to older students as well as adults. The period of interest for the Apostolic unit, corresponds to the first half of 'Section I, First Period' of Laux's book, from the Birth of Jesus to the second century.

Reading Assignment: Section I, First Period, pp 1-47
(1) Preparation of the Roman World, pp 1-6, (2-3) Founding of the Church, pp 7-16, (4-5) March on Rome and Roman Church, pp 17-34, (6-7) Labors of the Apostles and Spread of Christianity, pp 35-47.

Witness to the Faith by Seton Press
This introductory church history is written at an eighth grade level so it is accessible and covers most of the main topics of Christian history. Chapters relating to the Apostolic Age, including the Acts of the Apostles, the Apostolic Fathers, and the Fall of Jerusalem, are as follows:

Reading Assignment: Chapters 1, pp 1-18
(1) The Early Church

The saint biographies and Catholic histories listed below are in the public domain.

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Church History—Vol I : Christian Antiquity by Sisters of Notre Dame First of a five volume history of the Church, this book covers the period from the founding of the Church at Pentecost to the fall of the Roman Empire. During that time the church underwent horrific persecutions, but nevertheless spread over the whole Roman Empire and produced thousands of worthy saints. The account of the earliest years of the church, including the lives of the church fathers, early heresies, and early martyrs is truly fascinating.

Online Videos of Interest

This video is from Ryan Reeve's Historical Theology for Everyone Youtube page. This page includes dozens of short (5 to 30 minute) videos covering many aspects of Christian history, targeted for high school or general audiences, and is a good resource for many periods of Christian history.